Come be apart of the first ever Offroad Meetup hosted by myself, Joey Mac, and AGHB!

Date: October 7-8th 2017

Time: 10am Saturday thru 5pm Sunday

Location: Bessemer Mine Rd, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356 (Coordinates: 34.444384, -116.688332)

Additional details: Exact camping location is at the location listed above also known as Soggy Dry Lake by the locals. Location is on OHV land so yes it is legal to ride and camp here. We will be camped right next to a lake bed so there is plenty of room for bikes, quads, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, etc. Since it is OHV land technically you need current registration and a spark arrestor. Up to you if you want to risk it or not. The road getting down to the lake bed where we will be camping is a hard packed gravel road. Any vehicle should be able to make it down the road no problem. We will be parked off to the left of Bessemer Mine Road. Once you cress the hill about 2-3 miles down the gravel road you will see the lake bed off to the left. There are no major events going on this weekend so look for the campsite with the most people that is probably us. There are bathrooms close by so if you do not bring a trailer do not worry about not having a bathroom around. We will be staying both days in a trailer so you are welcome and encouraged to stay both days also! RV rentals are fairly cheap or just sleep in a tent or truck. You won't regret coming out. It is going to be an amazing weekend! EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! ALL RIDING SKILLS!

Any questions about the event please feel free to email me at VroomVroomDana@Gmail.com